About us

What we believe

As a parent, the days sometimes feel long and the years feel short. How quickly those moments of love with our babies pass us by. We believe in holding on to those moments for as long as possible. We believe in connecting. For us, any moment we get together, is time well spent

Our mission at PEKETIN is to live our namesake. 'PEKE' comes from "pequeño" or "little ones" and 'TIN' is "endearment"

Why we exist

We were lucky! So many clothes and not enough time to try it all on. But worse, there was nothing to wear - there were the functional onesies, and the few expensive dresses, but why couldn't there be something beautiful every day? Since every day has the potential to be beautiful we started Peketin

Our knitwear

We stayed true to our Spanish roots and designed our knitwear in the classic styles. Our difference is in our passion for the clothes.

We start with the highest quality cotton, organic cotton, and nothing else. We work with a specialized knitwear manufacturer outside of Madrid that's been owned by the same family for generations.

The result is perfect. Soft, beautiful, resilient knitwear that you and your baby will love!

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