An open letter of appreciation to my wife

An open letter of appreciation to my wife

I came home this week to find the house in shambles. 

Naturally my first instinct was to attribute the damage to our two year-old daughter, Celine. Her ability to create chaos out of order is bordering on legendary, and we love it!

As I made my way to our bedroom, I passed boxes full of knitted blankets - a new shipment had arrived for her newborn knitwear business ‘Peketin’. In the bedroom stood my wife - 8 months pregnant - packing a customer order while keeping an eye on that two year-old playing with the packing tissue papers. 

I stood there in awe for about a minute until finally coming to my senses and asking if I could help. It hit me in that moment the incredible juggling act that my wife was performing. 

My wife quit her corporate job when we were expecting our first, as she really wanted to be stay-at-home mom and raise our kids. I've heard how challenging being a stay-at-home parent is, but then I had a few months at home and realized the extent of energy it requires making sure everything runs smoothly: from setting the day's activities, food, laundry, learning, and constantly keeping our daughter out of harm's way (it took Celine a few months to realize she could use her hands to cushion her falls). I had a newfound respect for what she did.

About a year in, my wife, her sister, and mother became obsessed with bringing the newborn knitwear she grew up with in Spain to the US and decided to launch Peketin. Then came all the hard work of launching a business from scratch: designing, sourcing the materials, finding the right manufacturer (including trips to Spain), logistics, launching the website, marketing, pricing, packaging, and the list goes on… but to her credit she did it.

Then we found out we were expecting baby #2!

And so here we are, me standing in the doorway watching my very pregnant wife work, and parent, and somehow keep everything moving forward with such passion, and I know that she’ll find a way to make it all work when baby #2 gets here. I’m proud, I’m inspired, and I’m incredibly grateful.

PS. I'm sorry for hacking in to your blog


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